Burnett Road Banchory


Burnett Road Banchory, Aberdeenshire

JAMstudio were appointed to design a proposal for a new house on a rear garden site in Banchory. The design takes advantage of the sloped site, with the main living area on the upper level and bedrooms below. Partially sunk into the ground, the house is respectful of the site and neighbouring properties, providing fantastic, modern spaces for our client.

The orientation of the building, location of openings and large overhangs protecting glazed areas add to the projects sustainable ethos.
Using efficient spatial design, this 4 bedroom house blends into its environment, and reduces the amount of site landscaping required.
The project is due to start on site in spring 2016, having already obtained planning permission earlier this year.
A super-insulated external wall and roof build-up is complemented by high quality timber/aluminium composite doors and windows.