Why We Love 3D

At JAMstudio we use 3D modelling a lot and love the opportunities it gives us throughout the design and presentation process. We use a combination of AutoCAD, SketchUp, vRay (rendering engine) and photoshop to produce models and graphics for our projects at various stages. For us it isn’t just a graphic presentation technique - we use it as a tool to assist the design of projects, from simple external massing models to interior renderings for material choices, as well as giving us the opportunity to make live changes to a model as part of concept discussions at client meetings. We find it extremely helpful when discussing different options as with the below image for one of our residential clients.

Whether your project is commercial, residential or retail, we provide some level of 3D work as part of our overall scope of work - this is because it is invaluable to us whilst working out a scheme. Certain projects benefit from additional 3D visualisation including photo realistic rendered graphics which is also something we are able to offer in house. At the concept stage we use these tools to develop the exterior of a residential building, or (as with the image below) try out various colour schemes, wall graphics and furniture selection.

Residential projects benefit hugely from 3D modelling at the planning stage as exterior 3D images, in addition to the plans and elevations required by the council, give the planning department confidence in the proposed outcome of the scheme. The following project image shows one of the graphics we produced as part of the planning application for East Croft (Cluny) alongside the most recent photograph of the build which is currently on site.

Our goal on every project is to assure our clients that what they want to build is exactly what appears on site. We achieve this through a high level of drawing information and specification notes, accurate budget cost plans and, importantly, accurate models of the final design to lift 2D architectural plans off the paper, making the client feel like they are inside the proposed space.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of how far we go to give every client the utmost confidence in and the best understanding of what they will be getting for their project and our 3D rendering and modelling work is just one example of this. We love 3D and we’re sure you will too!