The Return of the JAMstudio Bi – Weekly Bake Off

With the bar having been set so high by my fellow combatants in previous rounds of JAMstudio’s Bi – Weekly Bake Off, the pressure was certainly on when the buck stopped at me and it was my turn to submit an entry for round five.

In the intervening period between my entry and the opening round, we have witnessed some eye-opening and mouth-watering contributions to the JAMstudio quest for baked-goods perfection. In no particular order of merit, the competition has thus far featured: the already blogged about internet sensation, the ‘JAM Sponge Cake’; a seriously deadly chocolate cake with an entire Terry’s Chocolate Orange at its centre; and enough sweet and savoury pasties to make a Cornishman cry (with delight).

Faced with the dauntingly high standard of baking talent at JAMstudio, I did what any good amateur/ cheat would do and sought out the guidance and tutelage of an expert with my cap in hand. After much debate, my superstar baking tutor and I decided it was time to bring out the big guns and settled on the following weapon-of-choice:

Carrot Cake!

***No Instagram-ing or harming of natural photos took place in any way during the making of this feature cake.

Of course it couldn’t be just any-old run-of-the-mill carrot cake. As Mies Van Der Rohe once said “God is in the detail” – and this one featured a white chocolate cream icing; added pecans and hazelnuts; and handmade, rolled icing carrots for decoration. To top things off, we even removed the raisins from the recipe – a wise move by all accounts – because who likes raisins?

Following some generous comments from my cake-stuffed colleagues, I am happy to say that the fine tradition of top quality baking at JAMstudio was unanimously maintained, with the flaming baton of responsibility moving on to the next competitor…. And with the bar having been raised a little bit higher (not that I am biased).

Liam's finest Carrot Cake