RIAS Festival of Architecture 2016

In 2016 RIAS (The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland) celebrates their 100th year since incorporation and what better way to mark the occasion than by hosting Scotland’s first ‘Festival of Architecture’. The ambitious plans for the year long country-wide event is supported by the Scottish Government and is promising to be a celebration of Scotland’s architecture. We have an amazing architectural heritage and Scotland is home to a wealth of fantastic design. The aim is to showcase our talent thus ensuring its influence continues into the future.

“The Festival aims to raise awareness of the importance of a well-built environment, to renew confidence in engagement and inform politicians of the economic and social benefits of architecture, while celebrating the achievement of this art form, past, present and prologue.” (Neil Baxter, RIAS Secretary, 2013)

Throughout 2016 a variety of exciting events will be held, aimed at involving all members of communities across the country. These will include: local festivals, exhibitions, talks, films, tours, conferences, competitions, community projects and pop up installations; all of which will explain more about the architectural profession and how the design of our built environment (whether that be a new building, restoration project or public space for example) affects our everyday lives. The festival will be a hugely enjoyable year long event that will both inspire and enthuse a younger generation.

The way in which we as a nation appreciate and understand our built environment and its associated heritage is very important. The outcome of this festival will hopefully bring design in the built environment to the fore and inform communities of the social and economic benefits of good architecture and why it should matter to them. The design of our future cities, towns and countryside is hugely important in maintaining our built culture and heritage – an area that all members of the community should be able to engage with – not just architects! Watch this space for further updates.