JAMstudio shortlisted for Glass community hall design

JAMstudio were delighted to be given the opportunity to prepare a concept design as part of a competition for the replacement of a community hall in Glass, Huntly.

The community required that the hall could comfortably accommodate specific activities including a full size badminton court and sufficient space for bowls, dance practice, amateur dramatics performances and various group meetings.

The proposal sought to reflect the strong and close-knit nature of the Glass community in a way which is warm, welcoming, flexible and well-lit, while crucially also being affordable to both build and run. The contemporary building was designed to make the best use of the views to the west of the site as well as using this position to optimise natural daylight levels within the hall and take advantage of passive solar gain.

Externally the material palette was influenced by the existing hall as well as other vernacular buildings in the area. The timber cladding is a natural material which would be locally sourced to reflect the proposals sustainable ambitions, while a white render provides a low maintenance alternative to traditional lime-dash and provides a visual contrast from the timber. Internally, the hall has been designed to be both practical and versatile yet still creates a series of aesthetically interesting and exciting spaces to be in. An exposed glulam timber structure creates visual interest and helps to serve the sustainable approach requested in the brief.

Hall set up for a community craft fair
Hall set up for badminton
Hall set up for a stage perfomance
Hall set up for bowls