New contemporary house in Banchory receives full planning approval

​We’re off to a fantastic start to the year here at JAMstudio with the granting of planning permission for one of our projects. Approval was granted on Christmas Eve for a new 4 bedroom house on a backyard plot in Banchory, Aberdeenshire. The site, which sits within a lovely woodland secluded area, benefits from a southerly aspect and a quiet location away from the main road.

A key aim of the proposal is to create a contemporary yet sustainable and energy efficient new home. Methods used to achieve this include
careful orientation on the site, the specification of high quality windows and a super-insulated building envelope. Another key design point was to design the house in such a way that it would cause minimal disruption to the neighbouring property’s views of the distant hills to the south.

Responding to these key aims, the proposed design utilises the steep slope of the site by effectively sinking the lower floor of the house into the ground so that the lower level of the house is semi buried into the sloping ground. This means the layout of the house lent itself naturally to an ‘upside down’ arrangement, a principle in which the family/living areas are on the top floor, while bedrooms etc. are
located on the ground floor. This slightly unconventional configuration allows for the entrance of the house to be located at the top of the site, minimising ground works and allowing the house to sit low and unassuming within the site.

Entrance to house on first floor level
The entrance to house is on upper floor level
the house poses minimal disruption of views to the neighbours
The house poses minimal disruption of views to the neighbours

Externally the materials have been carefully selected to reflect the contemporary nature of the design while remaining sensitive to the surrounding environment. A low maintenance, crisp white render responds to the materiality of neighbouring houses, while the timber cladding responds to the natural woodland which surrounds the site. As part of the proposal, a new garage has also been proposed for construction at a later date which will emulate the style and materiality of the main house.

view of house from bottom of garden

As part of the planning application, a full package of
drawings were prepared along with a number of 3D visuals which demonstrated how
the new house will sit within the site. A design statement was also submitted
which detailed the aims and reasoning behind the design. We are very excited with
the approval of the scheme and can’t wait to bring this project to site later
this year so keep an eye out for future posts about its progress!