Blue Water Shipping Office Fitout Project Complete

JAMstudio’s office interiors fitout for Blue Water Shipping has recently completed on site so, after the last blog with some sneak preview shots, we can now share the excellent new shots taken by Neale Smith (all photos copyright Neale Smith Photography).

The newly constructed building is one of two buildings developed on Farburn Terrace in Dyce and JAMstudio were brought on board by Blue Water to assist with the interior specification, space-planning and workplace design including branding and furniture. The building exterior was designed by the developer although we helped the client with design and procurement of signage to put a stamp on their new home.

The interior fitout of the project was where JAM’s help can be seen to great effect and the client was able to use our design knowledge and space planning expertise to create a space which was tailored for Blue Water. Various areas have been created within the large and open ground floor to provide a comfortable and modern working environment. The company brand is reflected in the colour choices, ranging from the cobalt blue walls, to the light blue glass chat-boards and fabric desk screens as well as direct company branding with their custom made acrylic logo.

Two single person offices were added to the original plans, compete with high quality full height glazed doors and partitions, a meeting space and a small chat-board to complement the main office. The double glazing ensures acoustic privacy within these offices but allows visibility throughout the area as well as keeping the offices light and bright.

The ground floor houses all of the office and work-space accommodation while the smaller first floor has been used for the main meeting room and staff breakout/ dining area. Comfortable and stylish furniture is again accented with a cobalt blue wall, matching soft furnishings and chat-board.

The breakout space includes a well appointed kitchen and a combination of brightly coloured chairs, flexible tables and a relaxed zone with coffee table and comfortable sofas. As with all of the furniture throughout this project, the client was very keen to use high quality and well designed pieces to make it a comfortable space for clients and staff alike.

This spaces created are a great example of JAMstudio acting on behalf of the client on a project that, without our involvement, could have ended up being highly developer driven meaning that Blue Water may have had to compromise on their requirements. It was important to plan the office with the ability to accommodate future growth and we achieved this by setting up day-one and day-two scenario space plans. This means that extra banks of desks can be added at a later date with minimum disruption without having an unnecessary number of empty seats when Blue Water moves. We ensured that every aspect of the office was carefully considered, from the zoned open plan area, to the power and data requirements. We are confident that this will be a very enjoyable workplace to be in and if you would like to find out more about the project you can visit our completed project page for Blue Water here or, if you have a similar project you are considering undertaking, please do get in touch.