Ballogie Site Progress 7

After a very busy few months the building has progressed dramatically, both inside and out. It’s exciting just how close we are to being complete!

The grounds are, admittedly, still looking a tad like a construction site but a special grass laying machine was being picked up whilst I was visiting site so no doubt by the time of my next visit, the garden will be looking decidedly more garden like. The front drive is scheduled for paving next week too. Externally the house itself is nearly all done with mostly just the fitting of the timber cladding and linings to go. The style and layout of the cladding and linings will reflect the vernacular architecture of some of the buildings in the area of Aberdeenshire that the house sits. As you can see some areas of the house have had the cladding fitted already. It looks really smart which makes for an impatient, and excited, wait for the rest to get done! The new windows look really crisp against the rustic granite block-work and the final colour of the external doors will match the colour of the cladding which will help tie the granite portion of the building and the timber clad portions together aesthetically.

Internally, the interiors have been transformed and will be even more so over the next few weeks. One big job that’s outstanding at the moment, but will have a huge effect on what there is left to do, is the hanging of the internal doors. Once they’re fitted it will mean that the skirting boards and door architraves can be finished and in turn the paintwork as well.

The double height Living space looks fantastic! It’s almost the spitting image of the 3D imagery we did for the space, many months ago, at the conceptual stages of the project. The shapes and reflections the glass screen helps create are well worth the wait that we’ve had since those early design stages.

It’s a very rewarding experience for everyone at JAMstudio, to think back to where we were on site a few months ago when all there was, in amongst the knee high snow, was a steel and timber frame sitting on its foundations. Remembering the excitement of seeing the first of the building’s volumetric shapes coming together and being able to see those shapes follow through to the inside the building as we intended is fantastic and even more rewarding. Coming soon, Ballogie Site Progress 8 – Completion!