Ballogie Site Progress 6

Since my last visit the cold weather has thankfully loosened its vice like grip on Aberdeenshire and all the snow is finally gone from site, as has the majority of the scaffolding, revealing the building beneath! Being able to see the building without all the snow and scaffolding around it gives the first proper view of how the different volumes, shapes and sizes of things work together, promising that the little nuggets of the design that got us all so excited during the design process won’t disappoint in reality.

Also revealed is the now completely erected granite block-work, which looks really good. All the blocks that have been used were cut from reclaimed granite blocks from a nearby derelict old building and are such a very sustainable building material choice adding to the house’s green credentials. It does however mean the granite’s a little bit on the dirty side. So the next step in its journey is to get power washed to remove all the years of ingrained surface dirt and moss and uncover the colour of the stone. Once that’s done it will look absolutely stunning and then the pointing can be applied.

In my last blog entry portions of the roof were ready and waiting, underneath all the snow, for their zinc cladding. The zinc is now on and looks as crisp as intended. It also provides a slick contrast to the slate roof. The only remaining external finish to be fitted is the timber cladding that will finish off the remaining areas of wall. The windows are due to arrive on the 27th and then we’ll have a complete envelope which is super exciting and will also mean that the interiors of the house will start to get fitted out. The final big new development externally is the very impressive progress made by the dykers in the construction of the dyke that will enclose the site. They started to erect it 2 days before I visited site and had constructed about 35m of it. It’s beautifully put together and I was suitably in awe of the couple that were very capably going about their task.

Inside the house the biomass boiler and thermal store have been fitted and the plant room looks entirely up to the job of heating the house and providing its hot water. That’s architecture for you, you find the most unexpected things strangely rewarding when you see them fitted in such a tidy and competent manner and to know that it will also serve a very straightforward and important purpose makes it even better.

Speaking about the beauty to be found in fitting things tidily and efficiently here’s a photo of the suitably tidy job made by both the plumber and electrician in the first fixes of the plumbing and electrics. What can I say, at JAMstudio we appreciate the effort made in everything that goes into the building, including bits that will be covered up completely and hidden from view!