Ballogie Site Progress 3

The site is still below freezing and is now covered in a couple of inches of snow. It feels a little bare now that most of the materials that were stacked around the site are now part of the building, this combined with the mostly completed building shell gives an excellent heads up for what the relationship will be between the house and the ground it sits in.​

A week on and the roof is mostly on! The first floor is floored and accessible by a ladder for now, but nonetheless you’re able to stand in what will be the master bedroom and look out of the feature gable window to the hills in the distance.

Despite the cold there was still work ongoing on site, three of the joiners were finishing off the roof and a slater was sitting, well wrapped up, in the shelter of the site hut, surrounded by crates of slates, dressing them in readiness for slating the roof. Dressing the slates is the sorting of the slate which includes, choosing the tail end of the slate, fixing holes are then made in the tail end and the holed slates are graded based on thickness. The thicker slates are used at the bottom of the roof, and thinner at the top.

Hopefully the weather clears and warms up enough to let the contractor to start fixing the slates on the roof and we’ll see another marked change to the building next week!