Ballogie house site progress

We’re back from the Christmas holidays and despite the break, and the incredibly cold weather, the house is really starting to take shape. Nearly all of the steelwork is up, with the exception of the steel ridge beam on the main body of the house and the steelwork that will support the roof over the porch area at the back of the house. These won’t go up until the landscaping at the back of the house has been completed and the contractor doesn’t need to get any heavy machinery round the house to the back of the site. The blockwork walls for the garage have been completed and ground floor of the house has had all of it’s timber wall panels fitted.

Whilst we were on site there was quite a buzz as the contractor was busy fitting the floorboards on the first floor which will let them get on and erect the wall panels for the first floor as well.
This does mean that standing in some areas, you are enclosed and surrounded by walls and the ceiling above. On the ground floor of the house you get a real feel for what it will be like to stand in the house post completion.

​There’s also a lot more material on site than there had been at the last site visit. The contractor has used some of the time lost caused by the bad weather, to order most of the materials needed to complete the shell and get the house wind and watertight. This should mean that whatever window of opportunity the weather allows, can be made best use of with little or no need to wait on building materials with long lead times. This is excellent forward planning and a great way to minimise any slippage in the construction programme.