5 Years with JAMstudio

5 years ago I was asked to write a short story on something that was important to me - which turned out to be the story that cemented me into JAMstudio! Today, I have been asked to write another….....

I honestly can’t believe it’s been so long. I remember the day I started at JAM, I was so nervous and of course very excited. I was shown my desk and given the rundown of what was expected of me. At the time, it was only John, Lou and myself in the office, a little family. I soon learnt that an office environment was where I was meant to be, and my OCD soon kicked in, rifling through the filing, shredding for my life. I made a slight mistake with my first stationary order - I ordered 20 boxes of staples and I’m still trying to get through them 5 years on….. oops !

My first year with JAM consisted of me asking lots of questions about architecture, I had previously studied Bookkeeping but never knew nothing about the industry I was now part of. God bless John and Lou -they have the patience of saints - and always had time to answer my questions .......“What’s a dormer? Why would you put a window there? What would a door there achieve?” Even though the questions might sound daft to some, John and Lou have taught me that NO question is daft and “If you don’t ask, you don’t learn”.

Throughout my time at JAM I have seen and done a lot of exciting things. I have witnessed Little Maldron Mill being transformed from a derelict mill into an elegant, colourful, contemporary, warm home with spectacular views that stretch over Lochnagar, and witnessed the transformation of Dalmore Distillery.

As I mentioned earlier, I studied bookkeeping before I joined JAM and since joining I have gained a diploma in Accounts and Advanced bookkeeping, which I am very proud of. I am a great believer with setting goals in life and my next goal is to gain an HNC in Accounts, and with the support of my family and JAM behind me I know I will get there.

Today there is a total of eight Jammies, and not so quiet in the office as it was all those years ago (I mention no names….....!) I’m very proud of being part of multi-award winning JAMstudio and very much looking forward to the next five years. So thank you John, Lou and the other Jammies for making my time at JAM so special and very entertaining at times, and of course thanks for putting up with ME. xx